Screenshot of Inventorier

Project Inventory Manager for Mac

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Inventorier is in active development, check out the roadmap.

Inventorier is an Inventory Management Application for macOS 13, specifically for managing the inventory of large, one-off projects.

Inventorier was created primarily to help me manage the large amount of parts I need to order for my Electric Airplane Build.

Inventory Overview

The primary feature of Inventorier is the ability to easily view an overview of all parts required. This allows you to see how many total parts are needed, how much have been inventoried, and how much have been used. Additionally, you can see the amount of parts required for a given section from this overview.

Screenshot of the Overview feature

.inventory files

Inventory stores data in .inventory files. Which is simply a json file that matches the schema Inventorier expects.

Typed Fields

Unlike using a raw spreadsheet, Inventorier applies the concept of "typing" to fields. Meaning that fields can only accept a given kind of data. This both simplifies the user interface, and prevents data entry errors.