Inventorier Roadmap

Project Inventory Manager for Mac

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Future Work

This is roughly in order of priority.

  • App Icon
  • Deleting Parts (from the database and from sections)
  • Custom Fields
  • Automatic Saving (yes, you currently have to manually save using cmd+s)
  • General polish
  • Per-section fields (e.g. notes for an entire section, not a row in a section)
  • Custom "Order Status" values
  • iPad App
  • visionOS App
  • Part URLs
  • Part Preview (images, or, for parts on mcmaster, show the 3d model)
  • Support for Continuous/Per-Part workflows (if this is of interest to you, I am very interested in your thoughts of how this should look like. Please reach out!


Inventorier is still a very young app, as such there's very few features I am currently disinclined to add.

  • Live Sync. I'm one person. Live sync would require way more work than I have time for. Please store your .inventory file in iCloud or Dropbox if you wish to share it and sync between apps.
  • Non-Apple Platforms. Inventorier is written in Swift using SwiftUI. Porting would require me to figure out an equivalent to SwiftUI for non-Apple platforms. I'm not going to put in the effort to research those frameworks and also set up test environments to confirm that they work equivalent to SwiftUI from Apple.